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Eight-year-old Fatima breaks rocks to help her drought-displaced family in southern Somalia

(ERGO) - Fatima Daud Ibrahim, eight, takes turns with her mother to smash rocks with the hammer into gravel...

15 MAY, 2017
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Natural Disasters

Concern for the lives of Somali pastoralists migrating back to Sanag

(ERGO) - Jama Mohamud, a nomad, recently transported his remaining livestock back to northern somalia's Sanag region after hearing that some rain had fallen in the village of Elbuh...

12 MAY, 2017
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Health & Education

Thousands vaccinated against cholera in Baidoa

(ERGO) - More than 200,000 people have received the oral cholera vaccination in Baidoa, the main town in southern Somalia’s Bay region...

11 MAY, 2017
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  • Mogadishu - 23 May, 2017
    Cows, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 8.9M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 8.3M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 6.3M

    Cows, For Rearing
    Grade One - So.Sh 7M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 5M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 3M

    Cows, For Export
    Grade One - So.Sh 9.5M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 8.3M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 7.5M

    Goats, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 1.8M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 1.2M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 800K

    Goats, For Rearing
    Grade One - So.Sh 1M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 850K
    Grade Three - So.Sh 650K

    Goats, For Export
    Grade One - So.Sh 2M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 1.2M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 900K

    Sheep, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 2.8M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 2.5M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 2.3M

    Sheep, For Rearing
    Grade One - So.Sh 2.2M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 2M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 1.8M

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Displaced Somali farmers ask for seeds to plant to take advantage of the current rains
(ERGO) - Now that rain has come to parts of drought-wracked Somalia, M...

Child drowns as heavy rains fall in drought-stricken Somali town of Baidoa
(ERGO) - After four days of heavy rain, her two small children we...

No shelter or treatment for sick children fleeing rural areas in southern Somalia's Jubaland
(ERGO) - Mumino Ibrahim Sabtow, 48, reached the southern Somali p...

Natural Disasters

Traders in Baidoa fall victim to Somali drought
(ERGO) - Habibo Mohamed Abdi, 42, a mother of six children, has found ...

Somali villagers fear dying of thirst as cash to buy water runs out in Mudug
(ERGO) - Families in Lasa-Adale village, 20 km east of Galkayo town in...

From livestock wealth to displacement - the fall of Somalia's nomadic pastoralists
(ERGO) - A year ago, Mohamed Olad Salah was one of the wealthiest peop...


We want real justice, warns mother of teenage Somali girl gang-raped by six youths
(ERGO) - Two teenage girls gang-raped by a group of six youths armed w...

Mogadishu prisoners trained to work for a living
(ERGO) - Inmates in Mogadishu central prison are benefiting from a voc...

Mogadishu job fairs open opportunities for graduates
(ERGO) - Careers fairs organised by local groups in Mogadishu have beg...

Food Security

Steep rise in prices as food scarcity hits Somali breadbasket town of Baidoa
(ERGO) - Food prices in the markets in Baidoa, in southern Somali...

Hand-feeding dying livestock may not save them, says Somali herder
(ERGO) - Farah Diriye Dalmar had not eaten for two days when a lo...

Death of a donkey leaves disabled Somali teenager stranded in remote drought-hit village
(ERGO) - When his donkey died in the drought, Mohamed Osman Ali, 19, k...

Health & Education

Children vaccinated as measles spreads in central Somalia
(ERGO) - A measles vaccination campaign has reached around 15,000...

Students vacate medical college to house diarrhoea patients in Somaliland
(ERGO) - The Somaliland health ministry has taken over a medical ...

Free school on an empty stomach - mixed blessings for Somali girl displaced by the drought
(ERGO) - Maryan Olad Omar, 12, is happy to have the chance to go to sc...

Agriculture and Livestock

Puntland campaign to prevent spread of livestock diseases among herds migrating from drought
(ERGO) - Pastoralists who migrated with their weakened livestock to pa...

Somali farmers' lives improved through agricultural skills training
(ERGO) - Noor Ma’alim Amin, 32, was thinking of giving up on far...

Somali herders feed thatched roofs of homes to starving cattle in drought-stricken villages
(ERGO) - Jelle Amin Ali has started taking down the thatched roof of t...