Former Somali herders commute from city casual jobs to support families left in rural areas

(ERGO) – Hassan Warsame, 60, has been commuting between Galkayo city in northeastern Somalia’s Puntland […]

Clamour for enacting new rape bill as high numbers of rapes are reported in Somaliland

(ERGO) – There have been 54 reported cases of rape in Somaliland since January, according […]

Child Polio vaccination campaign in Mogadishu – some parents consent, others still resist

(ERGO) – More than 600 health workers from the 17 districts in Somalia’s Benadir region […]

Small grants bring new livelihoods to IDP families in Galgudud

(ERGO) – Mohamud Ali, 43, opened a food stall place selling fresh fruit juices and basic […]

IDP children in Garowe out of school because of pressure to work

(ERGO) – Thousands of displaced children in the IDP camps around Garowe, in north eastern […]

Women lawyers support domestic workers in Puntland with employment contracts

(ERGO) Fadumo Dahir felt angry and frustrated by the rough deal she saw that young […]

Jobless Somali pastoralists hired to clear ‘parasite’ tree destroying farm and grazing lands

Displaced pastoralists in Somaliland’s drought-hit Togdher region are being paid to clear thickets of an […]

Somali famine refugees in Dadaab suffer cold nights awaiting imminent closure of their camp

(ERGO) – Nimo Mahad Samatar and her seven children have been sleeping out in the cold […]

Drought displaced pastoralist women in Hargeisa make a living crushing stones for building

(ERGO) – Fadumo Adan Egal, 60, goes out every day with a bucket and a […]

Floods wash away Somali drought-victims’ houses in Dollow IDP camp

(ERGO) – Flash floods after heavy rain on 3 and 4 April in Dollow, southern Somalia’s […]

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