Evicted IDPs in Galkayo move to new land awaiting housing scheme

Around 380 displaced families, who have been living in IDP camps in Harhaar area, 10 […]

Families fleeing from Bakool to Bay region in southern Somalia in search of food

(ERGO) – More than 1,000 desperate families from Tiyeglow in southern Somali’s Bakool region have […]

Water deliveries to drought-hit areas of Somaliland

Almost 10,000 drought-affected families in southern parts of Sahil region of Somaliland are being provided […]

Pastoralists fleeing dry parts of Mudug

(ERGO):- Up to 500 pastoralist families have been displaced by water and food scarcity from […]

Another forced eviction of IDPs in Mogadishu

Somali authorities have destroyed another IDP camp in Mogadishu hosting more than 1,000 families recovering […]

Severe water and food shortages affecting herders in Somaliland’s Awdal region

The Somaliland drought response committee has reported a severe water shortage and food scarcity critically […]

Somali refugees in Yemen submit to new registration process

A protracted dispute between refugees in southern Yemen’s Al-Kharaz camp and the UN’s refugee agency […]

Somali families fleeing conflict in Ethiopia crowd into IDP camps in Gedo region

Olaad Billow Bulle, his 80-year-old mother, and one of his sons are among the hundreds […]

Pastoralists trained to take up new jobs in the towns

Feysal Abshir, 25, a former camel keeper, has been earning his living as an electrician […]

Sleeping rough – evicted IDPs camp at roadsides in Mogadishu

Fadumo Ali Yusuf and her seven children have been spending their nights at the side […]

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