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Health & Education

Measles in Qurajoome, remote part of Bakool

(ERGO) - Local doctors and officials have reported a major outbreak of measles in Qurajoome, a remote part of Bakool region bordering Ethiopia, where there are no health centres...

05 FEBRUARY, 2016
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Health & Education

Children in Beletweyne hospital with diarrhoea

(ERGO) - The general director of Beletweyne hospital, Ahmed Mohamed Khalif, told Radio Ergo that an outbreak of diarrhea affecting large numbers of children was continuing to cause concern...

05 FEBRUARY, 2016
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Natural Disasters

Drought-affected families arriving north of Hargeisa

(ERGO) - Desperate pastoralists fleeing drought-stricken areas of Somaliland with their remaining livestock have been arriving at villages in Darasalam, one of the Somaliland-designated districts around 160 km north of Hargeisa...

03 FEBRUARY, 2016
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  • Galka'yo - 11 February, 2016
    Camels, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - 14M So.Sh
    Grade Two - 12M So.Sh
    Grade Three - 10M So.Sh

    Camels, For Rearing
    Grade One - 20M So.Sh
    Grade Two - 17M So.Sh
    Grade Three - 15M So.Sh

    Goats, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - 1.3M So.Sh
    Grade Two - 1.1M So.Sh
    Grade Three - 1M So.Sh

    Goats, For Export
    Grade One - 1.4M So.Sh
    Grade Two - 1.2M So.Sh
    Grade Three - 1.1M So.Sh

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No shelter for displaced Shabelle farmers

Displaced farmers flock to Bardere camps
Farming families whose crops and property were washed away by recent floods have moved ...

Displaced families face bleak future in Baidoa
One month ago, Saadio Abdulkadir, and her eight children were among the fairly well-to-...

Natural Disasters

Families leave Lego in search of water
(ERGO) - Some 45 families have moved away from Lego over the past two ...

Desperate for water in Hudur
(ERGO) – On the northern outskirts of Hudur town, on a wide open sun scorche...

Qoryoley farms destroyed by rains


Tiny 'bush' radio brings vital information to fishing town
It is just before 3pm...

Beletweyne residents protect themselves against expected floods
People living near the river in Beletweyne are taking steps to prevent their homes from...

Solar powered water well first in Baidoa

Food Security

Lack of water hits Towfiq
Locals in Towfiq, 240 km from Galkayo, are facing an acute water shortage after failure...

11 die of starvation and thirst in western Somaliland
Eleven people have died of starvation and thirst in western parts of Somaliland, where ...

Malnutrition rises in Juba regions
Widespread food shortage in farming areas in the Juba regions has led to high levels of...

Health & Education

Children in Beletweyne hospital with diarrhoea
(ERGO) - The general director of Beletweyne hospital, Ahmed Mohamed Kh...

Diarrhoea affects children and elderly in Mudug
(ERGO) - Thirty people, mainly children and elderly persons, are curre...

Malnutrition rising in besieged Hudur
Around 50 children under the age of five are currently hospitalized in two health centr...