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Villagers flee to Baidoa for food

18 July, 2014   About 80 farming families from Bay and Bakol regions have left their homes seeking assistance in Baidoa, because of food shortages in their villages. The fa...


Bakool farmers fleeing to Hudur for food aid

14 July, 2014 Farming families in Bakool region have started to leave villages that have been struck by successive seasons of poor rains and low food production and are heading towa...


Bulo-barde father: My twins died of hunger

10 July, 2014 Abdi Abdullahi Abdulle fled from Bulo-barde in Hiran region to escape the punishing siege on the district being maintained by Al-Shabaab militants, who have cut off the access routes.  Abdi re...


Children dying of malnutrition in IDP camps

16 July, 2014 Jijo Jamal Sheikh Omar is a displaced mother who fled from the clan conflicts in Lower Shabelle region. She lives in an IDP camp on outskirts of Mogadishu, where two of her children recently died o...


Mothers of IDP children injured in blast appeal for medical aid

08 July, 2014 Seven children were injured inside their makeshift homes in Darwish IDP camp near the Somali parliament building in Mogadishu when a car bomb exploded on Saturday. Ali Abdi Rage, a father of two of...


Diarrhoea kills 11 children in IDP camps

09 June, 2014 A diarrhoea outbreak in camps for displaced people on the outskirts of Mogadishu has killed at least 11 children over the past week, medical officials and residents said.   Dr Hadiyo A...


Graduate vets hope to build the country`s livestock

07 July, 2014 Somalia's first home-grown veterinary doctors in more than 30 years officially graduated in Mogadishu on 25 June. Twenty-three men and seven women successfully completed their four year studies at ...


Gedo: Herders migrate to Juba regions in search of water and pasture

03 July, 2014   Pastoralist communities in Gedo region have begun to migrate with their livestock to Lower and Middle Juba regions due to drought and famine that have been crippling Gedo in rec...


Gedo livestock struck by disease

19 June, 2014 At least 190 heads of livestock have died in Gedo region in the past week from a yet to be identified disease, triggering panic among the pastoralists.  The disease has mostly affected &nb...


Women milk vendors happy with new market

01 July, 2014 For more than 20 years, Sahra Hirsi Abdulle has been struggling to sell milk in the dangerous streets in Puntland’s port city of Bosasso to make a living for her children. speeding or careles...


Gender minister promises action against rape

24 June, 2014 Somalia’s Ministry of Women Affairs and Human Rights has promised to make new efforts to end gender-based violence against women. Khadija Mohamed Diriye, who has been minister for the past fi...


Women to get quota in Somaliland parliament

26 May, 2014 Somaliland appears set to pass a new law to set aside seats for women in the Houses of Representatives and Elders in order to improve women’s participation in politics.The bill was submitted ...

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Displaced farmers encouraged to return to Bay

26 June, 2014 Community leaders in Baidoa have launched a campaign encouraging displaced farmers from Bay region to come back home in order to harvest their farmlands.    The campaign was annou...


Boame farmers lose crops to insects

24 March, 2014 Farmers in Boame, Sool region, say agricultural production has severely declined this year due to insects and disease causing widespread damage to crops in the area. Mohamud Hirsi Farah, Puntla...


Baidoa farmers storing crops due to poor market prices

26 February, 2014 Farmers in the southern region of Bay have begun to store this season’s crop due to the poor prices they are getting in the local market. A 73-year old farmer, Ali Aden Ahmed, is one of t...


More people testing for Hepatitis B after awareness campaign

11 June, 2014 The numbers of people who are coming for Hepatitis B testing and vaccination have increased in Somaliland in recent months, according to doctors and medical staff in Hargeisa.    ...


Reopen Wadajir hospitals say residents

15 May, 2014 Residents of Mogadishu’s Wadajir district have called on the new local administration to reopen hospitals that were closed following the withdrawal of Médecins Sans...


Children die in diarrhoea outbreak in Galgadud

22 April, 2014 At least three children have died in a diarrhoeal disease outbreak in Galgadud region, where dozens of others have been hospitalized in the past week.  The children died in Elshil village, whe...


River floods displace more than 250 families

10 June, 2014 Dozens of families have been displaced from their homes in Jowhar district due to river floods in Middle Shabelle region.   The Shabelle River burst its banks and flooded Hawadley vill...


Floods force 1,500 families to flee from their homes in Bardere

08 May, 2014 Floods have forced hundreds of residents in Gedo region’s Bardere district to flee their houses on Monday following heavy rains in the district.    About 1,500 families have...


People dying of dehydration in central regions

30 April, 2014 Severe water shortage has struck the pastoralist communities in central Somalia and there have been reported deaths as the expected Gu’ rains have failed to arrive. At least 10 people hav...



Children living streets




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