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Food prices rise in Gedo region

15 April, 2014 Prices of food items have risen sharply in Gedo’s Burdhubo and Garbaharey districts, as Al-Shabaab continues to blockade the roads leading to the area. Somali government and AMISOM force...


Influx of IDPs to Beletweyne

14 April, 2014 Hundreds of displaced families fleeing violence in the western regions of Somalia have been pouring into the central town of Beletweyne. The IDPs, who are mostly women and children, have fled from ...


Displaced from Qoryaley settle in makeshift camps

01 April, 2014 180 families displaced from Qoryoley, where conflict continues, have settled in a new IDP camp in Sarkusta village on the outskirts of Mogadishu.  The IDPs, who are mostly women and childr...


Three children die as landmine explodes

15 April, 2014 Three children playing with a landmine near their home in the north-western town of Buhodle were killed when the device exploded, their father Muse Abdullahi Mire said. The children thought th...


Al-Shabaab orders residents to evacuate Hudur

18 February, 2014 Hundreds of residents have begun to flee from Hudur, capital of Bakool region, following an Al-Shabaab order, residents reported. Mohamed Yusuf Hassan,who is still in the town,said residents be...


Foreign medics leave Mogadishu

23 December, 2013 Foreign doctors and university medicine lecturers in Mogadishu have started leaving the city following the killing of three Syrian doctors and a Ugandan lecturer last week.   Syrian docto...


Diaspora women fund renovation of Garbaharey hospital

02 April, 2014 Somali Diaspora women are funding the renovation of Gedo region’s largest hospital in Garbaharey. Lul Mohamed Aden, the spokesperson of a group of diaspora women who hail from the region, sai...


First clinic opens in Mudug's Elhur village

25 March, 2014 A new health centre providing free medical services opened last week in the remote village of Elhur in Mudug region. Local authorities and residents say this brings medical services to the popu...


Beletweyne hospital runs out of drugs

03 March, 2014 The general hospital in Beletweyne, regional capital of Hiran, has been hit by a medicine shortage at a time when patients suffering from waterborne diseases are increasingly being admitted. The ho...


Lasanod: Community invests in youth jobs to curb migration

21 March, 2014 Communities in Sool’s regional capital of Lasanod have opened a number of small business to create jobs for young men to stop them from migrating abroad. Radio Ergo’s local reporter in ...


War, poverty put kids to work on Mogadishu streets

04 March, 2014 War and poverty have forced hundreds of school-age children to go to work in Mogadishu’s streets as shoe-shiners and car washers to support their families. Thirteen-year-old Aden Ali Mohamed,...


Bumpy ride from Bardere to Elwaq

24 February, 2014 The 220 kilometer stretch of road between Bardere and Elwaq is one of most important roads connecting Gedo to other regions of the country and even to neighboring Kenya. However, anyone who has tra...


Boame farmers lose crops to insects

24 March, 2014 Farmers in Boame, Sool region, say agricultural production has severely declined this year due to insects and disease causing widespread damage to crops in the area. Mohamud Hirsi Farah, Puntla...


Baidoa farmers storing crops due to poor market prices

26 February, 2014 Farmers in the southern region of Bay have begun to store this season’s crop due to the poor prices they are getting in the local market. A 73-year old farmer, Ali Aden Ahmed, is one of t...


Jowhar farmers plant again after last year's floods

21 February, 2014 Farmers in Middle Shabelle’s regional capital Jowhar have begun to plant again, nearly a year after river floods washed away their fields and last harvest. However, most are complaining t...


More girls going to school in central Somalia

18 March, 2014 The number of girls enrolled at school has dramatically increased in Somalia’s central regions in the past three years, and has topped 50 per cent of the overall numbers in some schools. Girl...


Puntland bans FGM

10 March, 2014 Puntland authorities have banned female genital mutilation (FGM) after years of controversial debate over the issue. Puntland's newly elected President Abdiweli Mohamed Gas enacted the new law outl...


Women travel far for free maternity services at Mogadishu clinic

25 February, 2014 Hundreds of women line up for free maternity services at Mogadishu’s Hanano Hospital every day. The privately owned clinic has recently opened a Women and Children’s department, which i...


Hudur families cut off by conflict face hunger

17 March, 2014 Families remaining in Hudur district, which has been cut off by conflict, say there is no food left in the markets and they are desperate. Ambiyo Ahmed Hassan, a 50-year-old mother of seven childre...


High seas cause fish price rise in Mogadishu

24 January, 2014 The price of fish and other seafood has more than doubled recently because of the high seas that do not allow local fishermen to fish easily off the Mogadishu coast.    Osman Mayo...


Prisoners starving to death in Baidoa jail

25 November, 2013 Hundreds of Somali prisoners are starving in Bay region’s main prison in Baidoa town, according to the prison commandant. Prison chief, Major Yusuf Moalim Abdi, said he feared some of the 500...



Somali traditional home


Somali traditional home


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