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Five women die in childbirth in Lower Juba

27 January, 2015 Five women died in childbirth in Hosingow village in Lower Juba region over the past week, according to area residents. The women died due to haemorrhaging and other complications. The area has...


Measles kills 34 in Middle Shabelle

26 January, 2015 Local officials say that 34 people, mostly children, have died in an outbreak of measles in villages near Mahadday and Bal’ad in Middle Shabelle. Twenty nine of the dead were children, wh...


Khadra Ahmed: living with fistula as a refugee

22 January, 2015 Khadra Ahmed, 30, lives in Ali-adde refugee camp in Djibouti. She has been suffering from fistula since the birth of her daughter six years ago in Adado district, Galgadud region.  Radio Ergo&...

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200 IDP youths in Galkayo trained for work

26 January, 2015 Around 200 displaced youth have completed three-month vocational training courses at Galkayo polytechnic as part of a programme to reduce unemployment. The courses ranged from carpentry, cookin...


Mogadishu traders demand services for taxes

08 January, 2015 Small-scale traders are complaining that the taxes levied on them by the authorities are not being used to improve basic services Istar Ahmed, a female trader, told Radio Ergo she paid $20 doll...


Sool blacksmiths losing work as scrap metal is sold in Ethiopia

17 February, 2014 Hundreds of blacksmith workers are finding their work is diminishing because scrap metal is being exported to Ethiopia. Jama Shire Hussein, 35, has worked as a blacksmith for the past nine years to...


School 'pointless' for Somali refugees in Djibouti

23 January, 2015 Somali students in the Ali Addeh and Holl Holl refugee camps on the outskirts of Djibouti say their studies leave them ill-equipped to get jobs or apply for further education opportunities. Sch...


Mobile library on the road in Garowe

06 January, 2015 Somali Family Services has launched a mobile library service visiting schools in Nugal region, Puntland. Head of the programme, Mohamed Hassan, told Radio Ergo that the programme aimed to encou...


Concern over lack of education facilities in Hudur

31 December, 2014 Residents of conflict-ridden Hudur district in Bakol region have expressed concern over the lack of education facilities in the area. Habiba Saney Mohamed, a mother of seven, said she was worri...


Jowhar clashes cause farmers to flee

22 January, 2015 Six hundred families have fled their homes in Tugarey and Gashanley villages, 15 km east of Jowhar, following clashes there between two armed clan militias that broke out on 19th January. The c...


Farmers displaced from Tosweyne by conflict

31 July, 2014 Hundreds of families have fled their homes in Tosweyne village, about 18 km south of Bay’s Bardale district, following clashes between Somali government forces and Al-Shabaab fighters who use...


Three children die of hunger in besieged district of Wajid

05 June, 2014 Three children have died from hunger and dozens more are at risk of starvation in the besieged district of Wajid, about 300 km northwest of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. Mohamed A...


High school students migrating from Puntland

16 January, 2015 Ahmed Hasasi, a form four student at Gambol Secondary School in Garowe, made two attempts to embark on a journey to Europe between 20 December last year and 6 January 2015. Without papers, he was s...


Migrants return home to start new lives

15 December, 2014   HamdiAbdulkadir, 24, returned to Mogadishu in 2011, after nine years living in refugee camps in Djibouti and Ethiopia. She is one of a growing number of migrants who decided to quit...


Raped and infected with HIV: Sahra's harrowing migration tale

09 October, 2014 Sahra Guled (not her real name) is living with HIV in Hargeisa, Somaliland. She contracted the virus after being raped inside a Saudi jail near the Yemeni border, where she had been detained for tw...


Drivers strike over roadblock violence and extortion

14 January, 2015 Public service vehicle drivers operating between Mogadishu and Baidoa went on strike in protest against an escalation of incidents of robbery, rape, killing and extortion of money by armed men dres...


Blind student targets education

30 December, 2014 19-years-old Ahmed Abdirizack Ahmed is a visually impaired form two student at Khadija Bintu Khuwailid Secondary school in Garowe. Ahmed lost his sight due to measles-related complication when ...


Disabled decry job discrimination

15 December, 2014 A disability group has called on the federal government to stop discrimination against them in government offices. Abdullahi Hussein, who lost both legs during the conflict and is highly qualif...


Slump in livestock sales in Kismayo with new meat regulations

13 January, 2015 A new regulation set by the regional administration of Lower Juba and local butchers’ association Sahan has impacted on livestock traders in Kismayo. The new rules set limits on the numbe...


Foot-and-mouth reported west of Adado

28 November, 2014 Pastoralists in parts of Galgadud region are reporting outbreaks of livestock disease including foot-and-mouth disease. Said Maalim, a pastoralist in Dumodle settlement, 25 km west of Adado, to...


Galmudug to vaccinate half a million livestock

12 November, 2014 A vaccination and treatment campaign targeting over a half a million head of livestock continues in parts of southern Mudug region of Somalia for a second successive week. The campaign, funded ...



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