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Mixed feelings for refugees finally flown home to Mogadishu from Dadaab

(ERGO) - Around 530 Somali refugees from the Dadaab refugee camps were flown home to Mogadishu on Tuesday and Wednesday after a three week flight suspension due to the security situation in the Somali capital...

12 OCTOBER, 2016
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Health & Education

Bursaries keep Somali girls in school in Borama

(ERGO) - Ifrah Haybe Ahmed, 20, is happy to be back in the classroom at Aden Ishak high school in Borama with a bursary from a project supporting girls’ education...

11 OCTOBER, 2016
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Agriculture and Livestock

Wild animals beset flood-affected Beletweyne farmers

(ERGO) - Farah Ibrahim Hassan, 48, has lost everything he planted on his three hectare farm in Gabarlawe village near Beletweyne in southern Somalia twice in the space of six months this year...

10 OCTOBER, 2016
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  • Lasanod - 21 October, 2016
    Camels, For Rearing
    Grade One - So.Sh 27M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 24M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 20M

    Goats, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 1.6M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 1.4M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 1M

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Stranded Dadaab refugees finally get on buses home to Somalia
(ERGO) - More than 900 Somali refugees, who had been held up in a tran...

Somali refugees returned from Dadaab to Baidoa complain of lack of support
(ERGO) - Khadijo Ibrahim Ali, a mother of 12, returned from Ifo refuge...

Hungry farming families arrive in Baidoa fleeing drought in Somalia's Bay and Bakool regions
(ERGO) - Some 4,000 families affected by drought in southern Somalia's...

Natural Disasters

Water crisis for herders in southern Somalia's remote Lower Juba
(ERGO) -  A severe water shortage has been reported by local peop...

Puntland warns of widespread drought affecting Somali pastoralist families
(ERGO) - Puntland authorities say more than 200,000 mainly nomadi...

Displaced Somali herders arriving in Hudur selling animals to buy water
(ERGO) - Rural families displaced due to a critical water shortage in ...


The push and pull of work for young Somali children in Baidoa
(ERGO) - Ali Abshir Ibrahim, 14, has been working at the same garage i...

Dollar-a-month school pulls Somali nomadic children to school
(ERGO) - Hassan Noor Mohamed, 12, is happy to have been released ...

Somali girl forced by elders to marry her rapist
(ERGO) - Suad Diriye*, 17, is struggling to come to terms with what sh...

Food Security

Dinsoor families receive food flown in to besieged town
(ERGO) - Food aid flown in to the isolated town of Dinsoor, in Ba...

Hunger bites for farmers in Darasalam
(ERGO) - Farmers in western parts of Darasalam district in Somaliland ...

One day's rain reaps zero harvest for Godobjiran farmers
(ERGO) - The majority of farmers in Godobjiran district in Nugal are n...

Health & Education

Children starve as food stocks run out in Baidoa
(ERGO) - Nuurto Abdullahi Hussein, 31, has been in hospital in Baidoa ...

Malnourished children turned away from clinic in besieged Qansadhere
(ERGO) - The head of a small clinic in a remote part of southern Somal...

Somali women regain hope after fistula repair surgery
(ERGO) - Having been abandoned by her husband and shunned by neighbour...

Agriculture and Livestock

Drought reduces Puntland's livestock exports
(ERGO) - The drought in northeastern Somalia’s Puntland regions ...

Somali herders in Gedo welcome campaign to treat sick goats
(ERGO) - A local veterinary association has treated 110,000 goats for ...

Baidoa livestock sales boosted by ties with Berbera exporters
(ERGO) - Shamso Abdinoor Hussein, a pastoralist in souterh Somalia's B...