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Baidoa IDPs receive aid

31 October, 2014 UNHCR and IOM on Friday distributed humanitarian aid to over 900 internally displaced families camping in Baidoa, Bay region. The distribution included plastic sheeting for shelters, blankets a...


Turkish Red Crescent aids families in Middle Shabelle

28 October, 2014 Over 17,000 needy families in Middle Shabelle region have received food donated by the Turkish Red Crescent and channeled through Somalia’s interior ministry. The beneficiaries included d...


Flash floods displace 150 families in Burhakaba

28 October, 2014 About 150 families displaced by flash floods from heavy rains in Burhakaba district over the past several days are asking for urgent humanitarian assistance. The families, mainly women, childre...


Ebola screening starts at Hargeisa airport

30 October, 2014 Somaliland ministry of health has established an Ebola screening centre at Egal International Airport to conduct passenger screening as part of its Ebola control preparedness plan. Somaliland h...


Polio and measles vaccinations start in Bari

29 October, 2014 A large-scale polio and measles vaccination campaign has started in Bari region of Puntland. The campaign is targeting all children under five. It follows the reappearance of polio in parts of ...


Children in Gedo vaccinated against polio

27 October, 2014 Around 120,000 children under the age of five have been vaccinated against polio in parts of Gedo, according to WHO officials in the region. Mohamed Sheikh Ali, WHO’s coordinator for Gedo...


50 children offered free education in Adado

30 October, 2014 Fifty children from marginalized minority clans in Adado district in Galgadud region have been awarded free school places by local benefactors. Halima Mohamed, 15, comes from a poor marginalize...


Garowe visually impaired students appeal for learning tools

28 October, 2014 More than 30 students of Al-Basar school for the blind and visually impaired in Garowe are appealing for special learning equipment. Ahmed Abdirizack, one of the students, said the school&rsquo...


Disability school in Galkayo appeals for support

21 October, 2014 The administration of Al-Amin academy for students with disabilities has appealed for assistance to enable it to provide better education. The school has 90 students – adults and chi8ldre...


Amputee graduates from university in Hargeisa

30 October, 2014 Abdullahi Mohamed Duale, 25, is a very energetic young man with high aspirations now that he has his degree in accounting and management from Alpha University. Duale’s achievement is part...


Puntland youth decry lack of jobs

30 October, 2014 Young graduates say the administration must address the rising unemployment rate and ensure higher level posts are not all taken up by diaspora returnees or foreigners. Abshir Abdi Yussuf, 25,...


Somalia asks Kenya to hand over convicted pirates

16 October, 2014 The Somali Federal Government is hoping Kenya will agree to transfer 122 convicted Somali pirates from Kenyan jails back to Somalia. Somalia's ambassador to Kenya, Mohammed Ali Nur, told Radio ...


Puntland reinforces ban on plastic bags

27 October, 2014 The Puntland administration has put in place strict measures to curb the use of plastic bags, in a move aimed at environmental protection and preventing threats to livestock.  A ban on pla...


Measles outbreak in Hagar as water crisis bites in Lower Juba

01 October, 2014 A severe water shortage is exacting its toll on human health in a rural part of Lower Juba, where 10 children are reported to have died from measles among a pastoralist community weakened by the dr...


Monkeys and humans fight over water in Gedo

27 August, 2014 A mob of thirsty monkeys and starving people have fought over water in the pastoralist village of Yaqle, about 70 km from Gedo’s regional district of Garbaharey.  The monkeys are said to...

Flood effected area in Beledweyne/Photo/Makaran/Ergo

Hundreds displaced by floods in Beledweyne

23 October, 2014 Hundreds of people in Beledweyne have started vacating their homes to move to higher ground on the outskirts of the town, as the area River Shabelle continues to swell after heavy rains. The af...


Eight people die of dehydration near Buale

22 October, 2014 Eight people including a 12-year old boy have reportedly died of dehydration as they travelled out of Gedo seeking water and food. Aar Mohamed, the commissioner of Gerilley village in Gedo, tol...


Radio Ergo listeners in Baidoa build house for disabled parents and family

05 March, 2014 Somali youth have collected money to buy a plot of land and build a new house for a disabled couple whose struggle to support their family of seven children in Baidoa was highlighted by Radio Ergo....


Radio Ergo journalists among media award winners

18 February, 2014 Twelve Somali journalists have won awards in the UN-sponsored 2013 Somali Media Awards for their coverage on developmental and humanitarian issues in the country. The awards, which recognize pr...



Riks of poision trees


Street Children


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