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Teachers in Gedo have little to celebrate

21 November, 2014 Locals in Garbaharrey district, the provincial capital of Gedo region, on Friday joined the rest of the country to mark Teachers Day. Head of the area’s education board, Ali Mohamed Isse,...


Women signing up to study at university in Lasanod

19 November, 2014 Nugal University in Lasanod has reported a significant rise in the number of female students enrolling for degree courses. According to the university registrar, Abdallah Ahmed Mohamed, there w...


50 children offered free education in Adado

30 October, 2014 Fifty children from marginalized minority clans in Adado district in Galgadud region have been awarded free school places by local benefactors. Halima Mohamed, 15, comes from a poor marginalize...


Heavy rains displace thousands in Bardere

21 November, 2014 Torrential rains that battered Bardere for more than 10 hours left 2,500 families homeless as swept through their village. The rains started early Thursday, causing residents of Bulo-Kurman, Bu...


8,000 families in dire straits in Tiyeglow

21 October, 2014 Over 8,000 families in Tiyeglow district, Bakol region, are reportedly facing destitution. Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed, one of the elders of Tiyeglow, told Radio Ergo that the affected families, mos...


Six people die of starvation in Gedo region

17 October, 2014 At least six people have died of hunger and thirst related causes in drought-hit villages near Elwak district, Gedo region. Elwak drought committee chairman Farah Maalim warned that more people...


Bosaso prisoners offered skills training

21 November, 2014 More than 100 prisoners in Bosaso Central Prison are being offered vocational training to prepare them for life after their release. The prison chief Shire Mohamed Jama told Radio Ergo’s ...


Galgadud youth cite nepotism and corruption in jobs

17 November, 2014 Young graduates in Adado district say nepotism and corruption are preventing them from getting jobs. Abdifatah Ahmed Farah, 26, a newly married graduate from a Mogadishu university, said he had...


Police and soldiers take to the classroom

17 November, 2014 Abdullahi Mohamed Said is setting a new standard for his fellow officers in the police force, by registering for a degree course in community development at a Mogadishu university. The father o...


Heavy rains destroy IDP homes in Mogadishu

20 November, 2014 Dozens of displaced families have been left without shelter after rain destroyed their makeshift houses in Mogadishu.  One of the camps affected was Darawishta camp, where at least 20 shel...


IDP families evicted from government land by new 'owners'

14 November, 2014 Around 150 internally displaced families have been forced out of their homes on land reportedly owned by the government near the former Digfer hospital in Hodan district of Mogadishu. The famil...


450 families reach Kismayo after River Juba floods

10 November, 2014 More than 450 families left homeless after the River Juba burst its banks and flooded farmland in parts of Lower Juba region have reached Kismayo seeking help. Mana Mohamed said all residents i...


Health ministry plans sanitation campaigns

19 November, 2014 The Somali health ministry in collaboration with several UN agencies is planning a sanitation awareness campaign to reduce the spread of disease. In an interview with Radio Ergo, Dr Yassin Abdi...


Over-counter drugs fuelling TB threat in Puntland

18 November, 2014 The World Health Organization’s TB department representative for Puntland has called on pharmacists to stop selling or prescribing tuberculosis drugs. Ali Abdi Isse said the number of pat...


Measles kills 6 children in Middle Shabelle

14 November, 2014 Six children have died of suspected measles in villages near Mahadday district of Middle Shabelle region over the past two weeks.  Four of the children died in Fidow village and two others...


Quarrying stones tough life for disabled mother

14 November, 2014 Maryama Hussein Said, a 50-year old landmine survivor, is among seven women who quarry stones for use as building material on a hill in Yerowe settlement, south of Burao. Maryama lost her foot ...


Young Hargeisa mother goes for Masters studies

15 October, 2014 Yasmin Mohamed Kahin, aged 24, a wife and mother of three children, is an exceptional woman whose story of determination serves to inspire other women – and their husbands - to aim high in ed...


Rapist sentenced to 20 years in prison in Nugal

02 October, 2014 Puntland’s regional court of Nugal on Monday sentenced a man to 20 years imprisonment for raping at knifepoint a young female herder in September. Mohamed Jiite was convicted of three rap...


Galmudug to vaccinate half a million livestock

12 November, 2014 A vaccination and treatment campaign targeting over a half a million head of livestock continues in parts of southern Mudug region of Somalia for a second successive week. The campaign, funded ...


Dairy trade strengthens livelihoods in Puntland

31 October, 2014 The growing demand for milk and butter in urban areas is giving pastoralist families a new source of income during both dry and rainy seasons. Pastoralist families, who account for roughly half...


Livestock traders squeezed by taxes

26 September, 2014 Livestock traders say their business is being damaged by the numerous taxes levied on them by various authorities. Ahmed Mukhtar, livestock trader in Hiran region, told Radio Ergo they were for...



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