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Hamsa Gabow's story: Obstetric fistula sufferer

24 October, 2014 Hamsa Gabow Ali is a 20-year-old mother living in Hababshe settlement, southwest of Kurtunwarrey district in Lower Shabelle. She is suffering from severe fistula, which she developed during her fir...


Puntland to vaccinate 4 million livestock and all children under 10

22 October, 2014 Puntland administration has embarked on an ambitious plan to vaccinate four million heads of livestock alongside all children under the age of 10. The exercise, which started today, will contin...


Stillbirth rates high in Puntland

21 October, 2014 The number of stillbirths remains high in Puntland, health authorities say. In an interview with Radio Ergo, the director of Garowe’s general hospital, Dr Abdisamad Ahmed Jama, said the n...

Flood effected area in Beledweyne/Photo/Makaran/Ergo

Hundreds displaced by floods in Beledweyne

23 October, 2014 Hundreds of people in Beledweyne have started vacating their homes to move to higher ground on the outskirts of the town, as the area River Shabelle continues to swell after heavy rains. The af...


Eight people die of dehydration near Buale

22 October, 2014 Eight people including a 12-year old boy have reportedly died of dehydration as they travelled out of Gedo seeking water and food. Aar Mohamed, the commissioner of Gerilley village in Gedo, tol...


Radio Ergo listeners in Baidoa build house for disabled parents and family

05 March, 2014 Somali youth have collected money to buy a plot of land and build a new house for a disabled couple whose struggle to support their family of seven children in Baidoa was highlighted by Radio Ergo....


Radio Ergo journalists among media award winners

18 February, 2014 Twelve Somali journalists have won awards in the UN-sponsored 2013 Somali Media Awards for their coverage on developmental and humanitarian issues in the country. The awards, which recognize pr...


8,000 families in dire straits in Tiyeglow

21 October, 2014 Over 8,000 families in Tiyeglow district, Bakol region, are reportedly facing destitution. Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed, one of the elders of Tiyeglow, told Radio Ergo that the affected families, mos...


Six people die of starvation in Gedo region

17 October, 2014 At least six people have died of hunger and thirst related causes in drought-hit villages near Elwak district, Gedo region. Elwak drought committee chairman Farah Maalim warned that more people...


Livestock lost in Puntland downpours and floods

06 October, 2014 Pastoralists in Uus-kure village, 180 km south of Garowe, incurred huge losses after heavy rains pounded the area for three days causing flooding. Abdi Farah Yussuf, a pastoralist in the area, ...


Disability school in Galkayo appeals for support

21 October, 2014 The administration of Al-Amin academy for students with disabilities has appealed for assistance to enable it to provide better education. The school has 90 students – adults and chi8ldre...


Poverty and early marriage keep girls out of school

08 October, 2014 Poverty and early marriage continue to be the main factors preventing many girls from going to school or continuing their education. Dekha Farah’s education ended in 2007 when she was for...


Buhodle schoolgirl dropouts on the rise

22 September, 2014 Education officials in Buhodle town, Togdher region, have expressed concern over the high number of girls who have been dropping out of school in recent years. Mukhtar Ahmed Farah, administrato...


Burdubo farmers complain of high fuel prices, poor harvest

16 October, 2014 Irrigation farmers in Burdubo district have complained of poor harvest during the past few months, citing drought, conflict and high fuel prices as the main causes. The district has not receive...


Milk yields doubled after new grass tested in Somaliland

08 October, 2014 Agro-pastoralists in Arabsiyo district west of Hargeisa have seen a doubling of their milk yields after the introduction of drought-resistant types of grass imported from Brazil. In a project f...


Jowhar farmers repair water canal ahead of rains

24 September, 2014 Farmers in Middle Shabelle’s regional capital Jowhar have joined together to repair a key irrigation canal ahead of the coming Deyr rains. They fear they may be hit again by floods if hea...


Somalia asks Kenya to hand over convicted pirates

16 October, 2014 The Somali Federal Government is hoping Kenya will agree to transfer 122 convicted Somali pirates from Kenyan jails back to Somalia. Somalia's ambassador to Kenya, Mohammed Ali Nur, told Radio ...


Youth and women promoting peace in Lower Juba

23 September, 2014 Women and youth groups in Lower Juba region have embarked on awareness campaigns among the locals on the importance of social interaction and peaceful coexistence. Lul Jama Da’ud, one of ...


Nomads using mobile phones to trace water, pasture

03 September, 2014 Pastoralists are using the growing reach of mobile phones to find out where they should take their cattle to get grazing and water. Mohamud Yasit Hassan, a herder in Galgadud region, said...



Riks of poision trees


Street Children


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