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Agriculture and Livestock

Puntland starts massive goat vaccination exercise

(ERGO) - Authorities in Puntland have started a vaccination programme targeting three million goats...

15 JULY, 2016
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Agriculture and Livestock

Livestock sales hit by fears over clan clashes in Sool

(ERGO) - Clan clashes in southern parts of hte norhtern Somali region of Sool have affected business at Lasanod livestock market, leading to a drop in the number of animals for sale and a rise in prices...

14 JULY, 2016
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Traditional school-for-work scheme in Jowhar village

(ERGO) - School children in the small southern Somali village of Barrey say they are happy to work on their teacher’s small farm and go to classes when they have finished their chores...

13 JULY, 2016
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  • Qardho - 25 July, 2016
    Camels, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 22M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 21M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 16M

    Goats, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 2M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 1.8M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 1.7M

    Goats, For Export
    Grade One - So.Sh 2.1M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 2M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 1.8M

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Hundreds fleeing Juba river floods reach southern Somali town of Afmadow
(ERGO) - Around 250 families displaced by Juba river floods have reach...

Dadaab refugees feel pressure to return home
(ERGO) - The largest single group of Somali refugees so far left the D...

Migrant read of his own 'death' on Facebook
(ERGO) - When Abdiqani Hussein called home two weeks ago from Ita...

Natural Disasters

Villagers in Bari short of water
(ERGO) - Water princes have increased sharply in Habbo village, 45 km,...

Storms cause damage in Taleh, Sool
(ERGO) - One person was killed and 12 others injured in storms th...

Four killed by lightning in Mudug
(ERGO) - A man and his three sons were killed on Saturday night when l...


Gas replacing charcoal for cooking in northeastern Somalia
(ERGO) - Cooking gas is becoming more popular in towns in Puntland, no...

Displaced pastoralists coping with life in Borama town
(ERGO) - Pastoralist families impoverished by the drought in Awdal reg...

Saudis welcome Somali foreign workers - interview with Somali Ambassador
(ERGO) - There have been reports in the past few months that the gover...

Food Security

Hunger bites for farmers in Darasalam
(ERGO) - Farmers in western parts of Darasalam district in Somaliland ...

One day's rain reaps zero harvest for Godobjiran farmers
(ERGO) - The majority of farmers in Godobjiran district in Nugal are n...

Hardship reigns in Wajid under two year siege
(ERGO) - Many people in Wajid are finding it hard to get enough to eat...

Health & Education

Diarrhoea outbreak peaks in Beletweyne
(ERGO) - Around 80 people suffering from Acute Watery Diarrhoea (...

Youth blood donors giving critical support to Somali hospitals
(ERGO) - A youth group in Mogadishu, the Somali blood donor volun...

Kismayo graduate running school for city's poorest children
(ERGO) - Young graduate Zahra Abdulkadir Arte, 20, is determined to ge...

Agriculture and Livestock

Bay farmers hopes dashed by poor rains
(ERGO) - Crops on hundreds of small farms surrounding Baidoa town have...

Beletweyne farmers count flood losses and mull over recovery
(ERGO) - Mohamed Abdi Barre lost his entire vegetable harvest in the f...

Bed nets rescue Middle Shabelle farmers
(ERGO) - Farmers in Jowhar and surrounding villages are using mosquito...