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Natural Disasters

Displaced Somali herders arriving in Hudur selling animals to buy water

(ERGO) - Rural families displaced due to a critical water shortage in parts of Hudur district, in southern Somalia's Bakool region, are being forced to sell some of their livestock to buy water...

17 AUGUST, 2016
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Somali migrants and smugglers seized by Puntland police

(ERGO) - Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) seized two boats carrying 123 Somalis trying to migrate illegally to Yemen on Sunday, in an operation along the coast near Bosaso...

15 AUGUST, 2016
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Agriculture and Livestock

Dhobley farmers see benefit of water conservation

(ERGO) - Farmers in Dhobley in southern Somalia’s Juba region are celebrating the best harvest of cash crops they have had in three years thanks to successful water conservation...

12 AUGUST, 2016
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  • Sakow - 24 August, 2016
    Camels, For Rearing
    Grade One - So.Sh 18M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 16M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 13M

    Camels, For Export
    Grade One - So.Sh 23M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 21M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 19M

    Goats, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 1.1M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 870K
    Grade Three - So.Sh 650K

    Goats, For Rearing
    Grade One - So.Sh 940K
    Grade Two - So.Sh 780K
    Grade Three - So.Sh 650K

    Goats, For Export
    Grade One - So.Sh 2.4M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 1.9M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 1.5M

    Sheep, For Slaughtering
    Grade One - So.Sh 850K
    Grade Two - So.Sh 640K
    Grade Three - So.Sh 520K

    Sheep, For Rearing
    Grade One - So.Sh 1.7M
    Grade Two - So.Sh 1.5M
    Grade Three - So.Sh 960K

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Somali migrant returns home after losing hope in Europe
(ERGO) - Burhan Jama Mohamed, 25, was in his final year of education s...

Somali refugees in Dadaab want more support to go back home to Somalia
(ERGO) - Somali refugees in Dadaab, north eastern Kenya, who have not ...

Somali students quitting Burao schools to migrate to Europe
(ERGO) - Parents and head teachers of high schools in Burao say the ci...

Natural Disasters

Hundreds flee floods in Beletweyne
(ERGO) - Hundreds of families have been forced to flee their home...

Villagers in Bari short of water
(ERGO) - Water princes have increased sharply in Habbo village, 45 km,...

Storms cause damage in Taleh, Sool
(ERGO) - One person was killed and 12 others injured in storms th...


Women labouring on building sites in Borama
(ERGO) - Women in the northwestern Somali town of Borama are increasin...

Back to Beletweyne for former migrant Mahad
(ERGO) - Mahad Maalim Salaad, 24, has found a new determination to suc...

Halimo: from displaced pastoralist to local councillor
(ERGO) - When her family’s livestock was wiped out by the t...

Food Security

Dinsoor families receive food flown in to besieged town
(ERGO) - Food aid flown in to the isolated town of Dinsoor, in Ba...

Hunger bites for farmers in Darasalam
(ERGO) - Farmers in western parts of Darasalam district in Somaliland ...

One day's rain reaps zero harvest for Godobjiran farmers
(ERGO) - The majority of farmers in Godobjiran district in Nugal are n...

Health & Education

Rise in malnutrition cases in Borama
(ERGO) - More than a dozen children under five suffering from mal...

Diarrhoea outbreak peaks in Beletweyne
(ERGO) - Around 80 people suffering from Acute Watery Diarrhoea (...

Youth blood donors giving critical support to Somali hospitals
(ERGO) - A youth group in Mogadishu, the Somali blood donor volun...

Agriculture and Livestock

Puntland starts massive goat vaccination exercise
(ERGO) - Authorities in Puntland have started a vaccination programme ...

Livestock sales hit by fears over clan clashes in Sool
(ERGO) - Clan clashes in southern parts of hte norhtern Somali region ...

Bay farmers hopes dashed by poor rains
(ERGO) - Crops on hundreds of small farms surrounding Baidoa town have...